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Apply For An IVA - Become Debt Free

Apply For An IVA - Become Debt Free

Are You Looking To Apply For An IVA To Become Debt Free?

If You Are Looking To Apply For An IVA – Become Debt Free – Then Read On, We will Explain Everything For You To Show You How The Process Works, What You Need To Do To Apply For An IVA and Most Importantly Understand If Its The Right Decision For You. 

What Is An IVA?

IVAs are renowned for their affordability, guaranteeing that you will never have to pay more than you can comfortably afford. However, it is completely natural to wonder about the impact of an IVA on your monthly income and how it will affect your ability to cover your essential living expenses. 

An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) Is a legally binding agreement with your creditors to pay back a percentage of your total debts over a set period of time this time period ranges from 60 months (5 years) to 72 months (6 years) depending on your circumstances.  The payment you make to an IVA includes all the fees in the monthly payment, We work with you using your income and expenditure to identify a comfortable and affordable payment based on your circumstances 

An IVA is arranged and managed by our In house insolvency practitioner , The Insolvency practitioner works with you to create a payment plan that you find affordable and can stick too to become debt free, Our insolvency practitioner is governed by The IPA – Insolvency Practitioners Association

How Does An IVA Work?

Advice Centre Group work with you To help gather a comprehensive list of all your creditors, we gather this by doing a soft credit search that helps us to identify the creditors that show on that report, We will then gather any further debts with your assistance to ensure that we have covered every debt you have. An iva is for someone who typically has over 5k of debt, if you don’t have that kind of debt level then we will work with you to find debt solutions that work for you and your circumstances. 

Once we have gathered all of the information we then put you forward for an IVA, this is done by whats called a creditor meeting, this typically takes 18-20 days from the point in which we send your cases across to the creditors,

What Happens If My IVA Is Not Approved?

Advice Centre Group will only put forward clients that we believe are in a positive position to be accepted for an IVA, However, In the circumstances whereby your IVA is not approved not all is lost, our advisors will be there to find other debt solutions that you qualify for and are happy to help find the right arrangement to suit your needs. There are numerous debt solutions available if you cant apply for an IVA, see our homepage for a list of options we can look at 

IVA Pros And Cons

Advice Centre Group will always provide you with as much information when you apply for an IVA, we wrote a post explaining the pros and cons of an IVA so that you have a thorough outline of what an IVA entails, See our post IVA PROS AND CONS for more information 

Achieving Financial Stability With An IVA

At Advice Centre Group, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve long-term financial stability. Our detailed guide on IVAs provides invaluable insights and information to empower you on your financial journey. We emphasize the importance of seeking professional advice to ensure your IVA plan is tailored to your unique circumstances

For personalised assistance and further support, we invite you to explore our IVA Help page. There, you will find comprehensive information on IVAs, along with the opportunity to connect with our team of expert advisors. Take control of your financial future today and let us guide you toward a brighter tomorrow


When you Apply For An IVA it can be daunting, at Advice Centre Group we try to simplify the process to be as easy on you as possible


For more information and expert assistance on IVAs, visit our IVA Help page and take the first step toward regaining control of your finances

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